Our Story

It was November 2007, freshman year at the University of Washington. Nathan was on his way to attend a party and stopped to visit friends who happened to be Sarah’s dorm room neighbors. Nathan in his faux-fur trapper hat and Sarah in her red plaid pajama pants connected immediately. In fact, Nathan was so enamored that when his friends decided to head out to the party, Nathan chose to remain behind and spend time with Sarah in the dorm room instead.

January 27, 2008

Fast forward a few months to their first date, a popular Thai restaurant on University Ave near campus. Sarah had her first experience with Pad Thai, Nathan his first experience with first dates. Soon after, Nathan asked Sarah to join him on a snowboarding trip to Snoqualmie Pass. After a few good runs, Nathan and Sarah paused at the top of their favorite slope to take in the beautiful Cascade foothills below them. It was then that Nathan popped the question, setting the trajectory for the next decade of their lives.

“I know in college you are supposed to meet new people. But the only girl I want to get to know is you. Will you be my girlfriend?”

And with a first kiss their fate was sealed. Ten years later, Nathan made it official on the same mountain range that started it all.  Cheers to the next ten!