Wedding Party

Jessica Britanik – Matron of HonorIMG_0688

Jessica is Sarah’s big sister and Matron of Honor extraordinaire. After Sarah had the privilege of being Jessica’s Maid of Honor three years ago, Jessica is thrilled to return the favor for her little sister!






Arthur Dodek – Best Man  ARTHUR

Arthur and Nathan grew up in the same neighborhood- right across the street from each other. From kids setting up plywood bike jumps and exploring the neighborhood to snowboarding and exploring the mountains, Arthur is a true friend.





Raina Turner – Bridesmaid Raina Turner

Raina and Sarah met in the sorority house during college. They bonded over their shared love of theater and margaritas and they haven’t stopped enjoying both since!


Karl Pflug – Groomsman IMG_2647

Karl and Nathan have been friends for over two decades. From recess kickball at Clark Elementary and Indian Guides to rafting the Snoqualmie River and enjoying the long PNW summers, Karl never says no to an adventure.





Christina Kefalas – BridesmaidChristina Kefalas

Christina is Sarah’s sorority Big Sis – part of a family that all joined the house sophomore year. Nine years later and they are still teaming up at Husky tailgates and taking birthday trips to Vancouver.



BRETTBrett Tada – Groomsman

Brett and Nathan went to Skyline High School and now are neighbors in Capitol Hill. They both really like tequila and spicy chili glazed chicken, preferably at the same time.







Haley Galbraith – Bridesmaid Haley Galbraith

Haley is Sarah’s sorority Little Sis and college roommate. They share a love for homemade baked goods, the natural world, and keeping it Zen.





Charlie Auster – Groomsman CHARLIE

Charlie and Nathan met freshman year at the University of Washington and decided to be “cluster-mates” and dorm together for their sophomore year. Nine years later they are still tailgating for Husky games and taking road trips to Baja.






Olivia Britanik – Flower Girl IMG_6978

Olivia is Sarah’s baby niece. She will be 13.5 months old by the wedding date and will be “walking” down the aisle one way or another!